A Sophisticated Farewell: 5 Luxury Retirement Gifts for Him

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Retirement marks not only a well-deserved culmination of his dedication and hard work, but also a new chapter filled with endless possibilities. It's an opportune moment to express heartfelt gratitude and to inspire him to embrace all the aspirations he's ever held. In honour of this significant milestone, Kyomi presents a curated selection of luxury retirement gifts for men, each symbolizing our warmest wishes for his journey ahead:

Tokodo Katakuchi Sake Set

For the discerning gentleman entering his golden years, the Tokodo Katakuchi Sake Set stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage. This sake set, meticulously crafted and steeped in Japanese values of hospitality, is a distinctive gift from a brand renowned for its impeccable quality, making it a perfect example of luxury retirement gifts for men. In fact, if he enjoys sake, he’s probably considered buying this before. Why not be one step ahead and surprise him with this little luxury? It’s an occasion worth celebrating with some good spirits, and the sophistication of this sake set can serve as your gratitude for his hard work all these years. 

Yamada Heiando Ninsei Ume Maki-e San-dan Ju

If you’re searching for luxury retirement gifts for men who enjoy cooking, the Yamada Heiando Ninsei Ume Maki-e San-dan Ju is a lovely option. Small but exquisitely designed, it is truly what the French would call a bijou structure. Coated with paint made from the sap of Japanese Urushi trees, intricate ume flowers curl around the three tiers of this lacquerware food box, blooming in vivid red and Maki-e gold. The one-of-a-kind charm of this item will certainly pique his curiosity, and there’s certainly no better time for him to explore new hobbies like the delicious art of Japanese bento preparation. As the flower signals the arrival of spring, it is also notable that ume blossoms represent good luck and fortune in Japanese culture, providing you with a tasteful way to wish him renewed vitality and health for the upcoming years. Let the flourishing ume blossoms of this food box usher him into a new phase of life.

Tokodo Kiyomizu Ware - Ice Cup with Gold or Silver

The Tokodo Kiyomizu Ware - Ice Cup is another excellent choice for luxury retirement gifts for men. Using the traditional technique of ‘ice-cracked glaze’, the surface of each cup is carefully and deliberately shattered to resemble a frozen lake, echoing the aesthetics of accepting transience and imperfection in wabi-sabi (侘寂). What wiser philosophy is there to embody in his golden years? Coming in four colours and a choice of silver or gold inlay, its handmade design sits comfortably in the hand and is the perfect size for tea or coffee. Now that he finally has time to relax and read the books he said he would, get a sophisticated companion to accompany him in these quiet moments. 

Yamada Heiando Salad Bowls

Is he planning to use his free time to work on his fitness and well-being? Well, perhaps he’ll enjoy one of Yamada Heiando’s wide selection of salad bowls to boost his diet. Crafted using the traditional Japanese technique of ‘Tami Nuri’, they usually come in a pair and feature the finest quality wood and lacquer. The Sue-hiro Hachi Tsuru Kame bowls are particularly suitable as retirement gifts for men — the bowls feature a gold crane and turtle, which represent prosperity and long life respectively. Not only will these glossy salad bowls last for years, they also convey your well wishes in a sophisticated manner he is sure to remember.

Yamada Heiando Maki-e Fountain Pen

Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter, so provide him with the finest instruments to pen it down. Kyomi recommends the Yamada Heiando Maki-e Fountain Pen, a handcrafted and limited-edition thing of beauty. Coated with rare and 100% ecological Urushi lacquer, the body of each pen is sprinkled with ultrafine gold powder and attached to SAILOR’s fountain pen nibs, crafted ‘Naginata Togi’ style for the smoothest writing experience a pen can offer. What better way to show your appreciation for his wisdom and intellect than bespoke writing equipment? Whether for mindfulness journaling or the occasional letter, let this fountain pen bring some inspiration and elegance into his everyday life. 

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