Reveal the bright path beneath ice, a dance of history

Kiyomizu Ware Ice Cups

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TOKODO - Kiyomizu Ware Ice Cup With Gold or Silver

Style Pink with Gold

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This TOKODO - Kiyomizu Ware Ice Cup is a subtle piece of art, providing an elegant and classy addition to your home. Choose from four beautiful styles: pink with gold inlay, blue with gold inlay, white with silver inlay, and green with gold inlay. Bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to your dining experience.

These beautiful items are the perfect choice for your next gift, satisfying everything you could ask for in gift-giving. We wrap all items with our original wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags (We do not charge extra for wrapping. It is free.

Origin: Kiyomizu Ware, Kyoto Prefecture
Size: Diameter 9cm x Height 9.5cm
Capacity: 320ml
Material: Pottery