Yamada Heiando

Ume blossoms, your scent on the spring wind, awaken first

Maki-e Ume Dome Box

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Style Large - Shu Red

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This YAMADA HEIANDO "Ume" Dome Box is a luxurious addition to any interior. Enjoy the playful and alluring hues of the classic round, symmetrical ume roses - available in both red and black, small and large sizes. Tradition has it that the Japanese have cherished these roses for centuries, immortalizing them with beautiful artwork and colors.

Don't worry even if it is your first time to use lacquerware - We send a compact handling manual with each item. Written inside are our fundamental philosophy, the basic history of lacquerware, and notes on using them in daily life.

These beautiful items are the perfect choice for your next gift, satisfying everything you could ask for in gift-giving. We wrap all items with our original wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags (We do not charge extra for wrapping. It is free.