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Enchanting Fuji Heat-Reveal Teacup

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Shun Japan - Heat-Reveal Teacup

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Unveil the magic of the East with our Shun Japan Heat-Reveal Teacup, a radiant testament to Mino-yaki tradition rooted in Tajimi's 1300-year history of ceramic excellence. Crafted in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, known for its rich ceramic tradition, this teacup seamlessly marries heritage and innovation. As the cup caresses warmth, a hidden image emerges at 45°C, echoing the delicate dance of tea culture. Each cup, an artistic masterpiece, encapsulates the spirit of Japanese tea ceremonies, inviting you to partake in centuries of tradition with every sip.

Product details:

Sumo & Daruma: φ120×H120mm 900cc 950g Porcelain 

Fuji-san:  φ70×H90mm 225cc 200g Porcelain 

Hokusai The Great Wave: "

Autumn Leaves: "

Cherry Blossoms: "