Shun Japan

Golden Homage to Japan's Timeless Culinary Heritage

Zuikumo lacquered gold Miyako-mori-Dish

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Shun Japan - Zuikumo lacquered gold Miyako-mori-Dish

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Shun Japan's Zuikumo Dish, a tribute to Japan's culinary heritage. This lacquered gold Miyako-mori Dish echoes the historical significance of wooden trays used before the Meiji Period. Adorned with precision and cultural richness, it captures the essence of Shun's craftsmanship. Embracing traditional dining rituals, the dish invites you to experience the elegance of bygone eras, celebrating the harmonious union of form and function. Gilded with precision, each dish is a masterpiece, bringing the beauty of centuries-old craftsmanship to your table—a golden symbol of Japan's enduring culinary legacy.

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