Ceramics for the Imperial Houshold

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“Enjoy the appearance of ceramics with your eyes, its texture with your hands, and its spirit with your heart.”

About Tokodo

Since 1936, Tokodo has continued the philosophy of its founder, Sumio Yoshioko, to provide only the best ceramics, collected across Japan, to please customers. The quality and the wide variety of selections were recognized by the Royal Palace. We received the Royal Warrant in 1949. Our ceramics are created for both household use and professional use in restaurants and hotels. Our customers select our pieces because they trust our quality. They can always find pieces in our selection that fit their needs, from daily use to special gifts.



Sumio Yoshioka was born in Toyama prefecture. He was an artistically gifted child, and he showed remarkable talent for calligraphy and paintings. It was not easy for him to decide whether to become an artist or a fine art dealer. Eventually, he decided to become a fine art dealer because of his keen eye for beauty and his exquisite taste.

Toyama province is located in northern Japan and is a producing area of Kutani-Ware. Sumio decided to move to Tokyo from Toyama and open Tokodo in Aoyama, Tokyo, in 1936. He brought Kutani-Ware ceramics from Toyama and visited every customer’s home to show the quality of the ceramics. Before too long, his ceramic collection’s quality received publicity, and Tokodo became a popular ceramics specialty boutique. After World War II, Tokodo moved to Akasaka, Tokyo, but it did not take long for Tokodo to become popular there as well. In 1949, Tokodo received the Royal Warrant from the Imperial Household Agency. His exquisite taste has carried down through the generations to his grandsons, Soichiro and Hayato.


Tokodo’s ceramics are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and comfortable to use. Our selection will stimulate your vision and your sense of touch. The beautiful design will add color to your dining scene. Japanese people hold their tableware in their hands while dining, so people have high expectations for the texture of their bowls. High-quality materials make the texture of your food and drink even smoother. Because of the ergonomic design of the pieces, you will be unaware of the weight while holding them. Together, these features raise your tableware to the next level.

Tokodo continues to provide exquisite ceramics that produce synergy with your dishes and become the artwork of your dining room.